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Excellent house keep, cook, cleaner, dog sitter (Addis Ababa)


A few years ago we lived in Addis Ababa and we had the pleasure of employing a lovely, honest, hardworking and great quality house keeper, cook, cleaner and friend to our dogs.

I have kept in touch with her and understand that her latest employement has come to an end as the family are leaving Addis.

Which is good news for one of you as she is available!!!

She worked for us in general 5 days per week and from 9am to 5pm. Sometimes she finished with work from 3pm onwards, sometimes she collected groceries on her way to work or did other errands for us on her way home and she is flexible and prepared to work outside of these hours in prior agreement.

We trust her fully and she looked after the house when we were away sometimes. Making the house clean and tidy for our return, preparing food for us and looking after the dogs who she loved and who adored her.

She took herself to hospitality and cooking school and makes great fresh pasta, quiches, cakes, soups and many other things. I can share some photos of her food.
We had regular drinks and meals at our house and she was excellent in the preparation and tidying up before and after these events.

Her ironig skills are excellent and we paid for her to take basic first aid training for which she gained certification.

We trust her, really enjoyed her food, her company and she is great with kids and pets. She is highly recommendable.

She lives very close to the British embassy and I am happy to give her details to you.

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