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Farangi Taxi price (Addis Ababa)

Taxi price bothers me all the time. In my country,
average 3 years mid-size sedan taxi costs slightly less than
Addis Ababa. The average living cost and wage is more than
Protected content higher and gas price is much higher in my country
too. The taxi here is a huge rip off, as everyone will agree.
(I know the rule of supply and demand, but..)

How much do you pay for taxis and what is your solution for
people that tries to charge Protected content to move once within the
same subcity?

My solution is just to ignore them when they charge triple and
just move to next taxis until I negotiate about Protected content for
trip from bole to Meskel square.

Does anyone have other solutions? a striking expression that says "don't rip me off" or phone number of reasonably charging taxi driver?

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