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Learning Amharic (Addis Ababa)


Heyyy everyone,

I am wondering if anyone knows of a good, affordable language school offering amharic courses.

I just got off the phone with Leslau Language and Cultural Centre. They say they are starting a beginners class on Monday (in a week); three evenings a week (Mon, Wed, Fri most likely), 5:30-7:30, which sounds good to me except for the price... it's 160USD for only 6 weeks. That works out to almost $10 a class. I was hoping to find something cheaper.

Even if you don't know of any course offering but would be interested in learning Amharic, let me know and maybe we can form a group and hire our own teacher, provided we can find someone with teaching credentials. My roommate Doug said he would be interested in something like that; we could possibly have the classes at our apartment.


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