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Live Music in Addis.. an overview (Addis Ababa)

Guramyle – Bole between Edna Mall and TDS hotel. Jazz. 9pm. Free.
Jupiter hotel Kazanchis – Piano night Protected content . Free.

Flirt Lounge – Habesha Beatz band (jazz/soul). In the Lucky building
across from The Beer Garden. Starts at 930pm, free. REALLY GOOD BAND!
Kabu Coffee - TeleBole, between Atlas and Edna Mall, close to the
Habesha Protected content , and next to the Blue Drops restaurant. No info on
entrance fees.

Jazzamba at Taitu- The Ethiojazz funk group Nubian Arc, featuring
Alemayehu Eshete. Entrance fees.
Flirt – The Beyaynetus (unsure of music type), start 930pm. Free.
Gaslight at Sheraton (starts Oct 3rd, first Wed of the month) –
Yisakal Night, stand-up comedy, poetic jazz and spoken word. 7:30pm.
300 birr entrance.
Jupiter hotel Kazanchis – Piano night Protected content . Free.

Jupiter hotel in Kasanchis – smooth jazz night. From 19:00 to 21:30.
Kabu Coffee. No info on entrance fees.
Harmony Hotel- oldies music. 7-9.30pm. Free.

Fendika Azmari Bets – Kazanchis near Sorjat, every other Friday
Jupiter hotel Bole – Soul night. 7-9.30pm. Free.

Help! Really want to find live Jazz on a Saturday night.

Flirt – The Improvi Nation, “Ethio-World Jam sessions- spontaneous
live grooves with Ethio-twise”. Starts at 9pm. Free.

- Protected content
Every night – Taitu (most popular nights are Weds and Thurs). Entrance
fees, vary.

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