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Looking for artistic space in Addis Abeba. (Addis Ababa)

Hi Guys, hiw are you?? hope fine...would you like to help me to get throught my dream???ahhaha...i tell you:..i I'm Claudio, italian, 42 years old, living in Argentina. I'm an actor, and in may Protected content , i'll bring my performance over Shakespeare in several cities, including Addis Abeba..It's a monologue, plus a little chat over Shakespeare, with humor...and a song at the end,and 'i'll do it in 3 languages(italian, spanish and english..not all at the same time, of course..ajaj).and it's going to be for free,! could you sugest to me some bar, artistic space, librariy, cultural center, theatre, exchancing language or any social group where i can try to present that? Or, that would be the best, make my performance for 3 nights at the same place, and every night in a diferent language, and colaboarate to bring people throught the inetrnet etc..., ...we can worj together... no money involved. thanks a lot, and i hope you will come to watch my show when i'll be there, it would be a pleasure, .Have a lovely day,..PS: it's very important for me, because i'll do it in all continets, for 3 months...i'll film it and when i'll back in Argentina, i'll show my performance in 3 languages and 5 continents, to journalists, theatres, tv, hoping to make somebody interested on me and my job and go up with my carrer...

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