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Looking for Corporate Sponsorship (Addis Ababa)

Dear All,

CURE Ethiopia Children’s Hospital is looking for a one-time corporate sponsorship of Birr 5,000 to Birr 10,000 to publish it’s first magazine ever.

In appreciation of the donation we will include an advertisement of the organization in our magazine as well as offer the organization the opportunity to advertise its sponsorship of CURE Ethiopia.

This is an exciting opportunity, as the magazine will be rotated to international donors, embassies, Ethiopian government offices, CURE’s eleven hospitals worldwide and the country directors of NGO’s based in Ethiopia.

If anyone is interested, kindly email me at Protected content for further information and/or visit us at Protected content .

Thanking you in advance for your consideration!

CURE Ethiopia, part of the CURE International network of 11 hospitals worldwide, is legally registered as an NGO hospital with the Charities and Societies Agency and specializes in plastic and orthopedic surgery for children that suffer from deformities such as cleft lip/palate, club foot, spinal deformities and other crippling orthopedic conditions.

Disability is of one of the chief causes of poverty and unemployment in Ethiopia. A study conducted by the International Labour Organization found the ratio of unemployment to be significantly higher among persons with disabilities than in persons without any form of disability. Another study carried out by the World Bank indicates that one fifth of Ethiopia’s poorest people have some form of disability. Approximately only Protected content % of children with disabilities in Ethiopia go to school. For this reason, CURE has chosen to make children with disabilities its priority.

Our mission is to establish a sustainable and holistic healthcare program which provides surgery, post-operative care, education for parents and medical students, raises awareness of the plight of children with disability and ensures that treatment is available to all children with disabilities in Ethiopia regardless of their social or economic background. The specialized medical services as well as the medical education and training we offer contributes to the development in Ethiopia as a whole.

Accomplishments from January 23, Protected content December 31, Protected content

· Protected content performed: over 3,000
· Protected content patients and club foot patients treated: over 11,000

· Protected content site for College Of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa (COESECSA) : Ethiopian surgeons rotating through this program
· Protected content site for Masters program in nurse anesthetist
· Protected content is the only institution in Ethiopia, which is accredited by the American Heart Association: in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Neonatal Advanced Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

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