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Moving to Addis and need some advice (Addis Ababa)

My family will shortly be relocating to Addis, we have two children who by that time will be be 2 years and 3 months. Although this is not our first time living in Africa it is our first time with children so I currently have a Protected content . Can anyone help me with the following...........

1) Can anyone recommend a good daycare program for my two year old that would prepare her well for joining ICS at 3?

2) Can anyone recommend how to find a good maid/helper and how things work in this regard? For example; Is it normal in Addis for helpers to live in? Do they manage household stuff/cooking and babysitting or is it more normal to get a nanny as well for babysitting? What is the approx cost/month? Are all helpers Ethiopian or do they come from other countries?

3)I understand that rental houses do not come with curtains. Can I find curtain fabric & makers/ready made curtain in Addis?

4) Given the age of our children are there any items that I should bring with me as they are not available in Addis?

5) Is it poss/wise to go out walking with a stroller in the neighborhood you live in (likely to be Bole or Old Airport)?

Sorry for the very long mail and thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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