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peace (Addis Ababa)

Dear brothers and sisters
Many greetings of peace and love from ‘Addis Ababa” by the way Addis Ababa is an Amharic official language of Ethiopia. Which means “new flower” so, I am sending you the new brotherhood/sisterhood flower with all my love all the way from Ethiopia. Achieving global peace can seem unmanageable, but when people act together there is no limit to what they can accomplish. Unlike competition which has narrow definition of self interest, cooperation sees “self” in a relational context and includes others who enable us to become what we are (those on whom we depend and the ones who depend on us) in the definition of our self interest. Cooperation therefore means arranging our relationship in a way that our benefits become benefit of others and theirs ours: by helping others we at the same time also help ourselves. Interestingly, the rewards of such relationship are greater than when we operate on the basis of the notion of helping ourselves at the exclusion or exposure of others. This notion of cooperation can be best explained by New Testament notion which holds that one receives best not by taking but by giving. In specific words of Luke:” give, and you will get. A good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured in to your lap. For measure you use, it will be measured for you. Finally it is my pleasure to know my brother and sisters just at inter nations event that we did last light.grreat work really this is a experinanced group we lookforward to strengthiig it.
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you can see specific 5 year peace building strategic planning document in the additional resources part of these attachment that I have prepared for africa dialougeforum andsome other information about me with the linkbelow

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