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Sales lead for a fast growing FMCG company (Addis Ababa)

Job Title: Marketing and Sales Lead
Type: Full time
Qualification: BA Degree in Marketing and Sales
Experience: minimum 5 years
Salary: Competitive
Primary Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Reports to: General Manager

Company Description:
The company is a family owned business and has been in consumer goods sector in Ethiopia since Protected content . The company is venture funded and is growing rapidly to offer a range of traditional Ethiopian food products globally. The company is ISO certified as well as fulfills U.S.FDA food safety requirements.

Position Objective:
•Achieve monthly and annual sales targets
•Increase the company’s market share in the both local and international markets
•Marketing the company’s products and services
•Building sales pipeline for the company
•Ensure the company has a strong, professional and well-known brand in the market
•Manage social media

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

Manage Marketing and Promotions
1.Conduct market research to build sales pipeline and marketing strategies, and identify new markets for the company's products and services.
2.Analyze competitors and market trends and work with management to design the best strategies.
3.Prepare an annual marketing plan with detailed monthly targets and work plans, that is approved and reviewed with the management team on a weekly basis
4.Design different advertisement (promotion) campaigns that will bring significant improvement in the organization sales and assess the impact (change) and report to the management team.
5.Run advertising and promotional campaigns to increase the company’s market share and introduce its products and service to targeted segments of the community, and the general population.
6.Conduct direct marketing strategy
7.Prepare professional marketing materials and evaluate existing marketing materials.
10.Monitor and evaluate metrics related to marketing and promotional activities.

Manage and Lead Sales
12.Identify new potential customers (sales leads), and manage all new sales relationships.
13.Manage the company’s sales pipeline and provide the management team with weekly sales updates
14.Provide a weekly report to the Operations Manager about whether operational capacity will meet projected customer needs (i.e. do we have enough products to meet expected new contracts?)
15.Write and deliver professional letters and emails
16.Schedule, prepare for and lead all sales meetings
17.Ensure all contracts are properly written and approved by the General Manager
18.Negotiate and close sales contracts

Manage Customer Relations
19.Design and manage a professional customer management system that racks customers information, needs, and feedback, and ensures professional handling of all customers contracts and needs
20.Prepare monthly and annual customer feedback reports for the management team
21.Develops standards and instruments that gather and monitor customer satisfaction
22.Do proper documentation as per the ISO standard.

How to apply?

Please inbox me your contact details or email lnegash at renewstrategies dot com.