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Working in Addis Ababa

Thriving foreign investment makes Addis Ababa one of the most important commercial hubs in Africa, with expats typically working in Addis Ababa’s industry and technology sectors. Read on for more info on the local economy, job hunting, and work permits for Ethiopia.

Local Economy

The local economy is poor due to the city's developing status, but the last few decades have seen marked growth and a surge for the better. It now seems that Addis Ababa is becoming a strong economic center with earning and spending opportunities for locals and expats alike, and as a result it is a great destination to consider if you're thinking of working and moving abroad.

The economy is traditionally based on agriculture, but recently foreign investments have been boosting the local economy and making Addis Ababa one of the most important commercial hubs in Africa.

The process of liberalization of the markets boasted entrepreneurship and promoted agriculture and the service sector, even if reforms are still in progress and a lot has still to be done. The Government is investing in infrastructures and services for citizens.

Job Hunting in Addis Ababa

Finding work in the city depends on your qualifications, but most professionals should soon get themselves snapped up by one of Addis Ababa's key companies. Industry and technology are thriving in Ethiopia's capital. Whatever your profession, workers are always needed in the city and your skills will be put to good use in one of the city's businesses or in a state run school or hospital. Teachers, doctors and other graduates will always be welcomed, as will those in the service or manufacturing

Finding the right job can be tricky, but there are several agencies set up purely for expats, designed to help make job hunting across the world simple and easy. You can also look at local publications online for details of upcoming job vacancies and to see if you're eligible for the role. Moreover, a number of online sites are actively seeking English-speaking workers with internationally-achieved qualifications.

Work Permits for Addis Ababa

You'll need the appropriate documentation before you can start work; the documentation can be found on the website of the government and in any case, along with a valid visa, you will need a letter from your employer.

Work permits may need to be extended on a six monthly or annual basis, depending on your role and your residential visa status. Temporary workers will need additional permissions or a guarantor, and couples may both need to prove working skills before a family application will be considered. You should also bear in mind that if you are bring a child with you, proof of parental responsibility might be required in some jurisdictions.

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