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Hello from your new Ambassador (Adelaide)


A welcome message from your new Ambassador here in Adelaide. Patrick, the previous ambassador relocated to Sydney earlier this year so I thought I'd pick this up.

A bit about myself. Im a British born Chinese, who relocated to Adelaide in July Protected content . I have lived and worked in the UK, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates, through family ties and my job.

I work as a Civil Engineer specialising in the Infrastructure sector. My current project, which may or may not affect you Adelaidians is the Southern Expressway Duplication. Ive heard some bad things about that stretch of road, and I'm here to make it better :)

This forum is a little quiet at the moment so I'm hoping to kickstart it and bring some life into it. I havent been in Adelaide for long, but I have experienced a lot so far. Ive done more things around Adelaide than some people who grew up here, so if you have any questions about city life and living as an expat, feel free to ask.

Im sure there are more knowledgable Adelaidians on this forum to help you out also.

All the best,
Rich Tang

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