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Things to remember for new Commers (Adelaide)

Hi Friends ,

I am still to travel to Adelaide in April first week.
Few things to list as per my research : -

Protected content stay in Adelaide for 2 weeks
Airbnb, / /

2) What is the process once we land in Australia. ( registration /medicare etc ).
Get your medicare card first. Go with the family. Apply for TFN number online (ATO). You will get a mail from the immigration dept welcoming you and some questions would be asked (survey)

3) What documents do we need to carry when travelling from India to Australia. (Example : Original Education document or any other document also )
All original academic documents, and work experience also birth certificates.

4) For driving license do we need to make international driving License in India itself or can we make it in Australia.
No need of International driving permit. :- but make sure the driving license is in English and readable . we can drive on the license for first 6 months. Taking a car is very important (but depends upon individual choice)
Also please remove the extract of the License which is very useful to make a License in Australia.

How to open bank account and transfer money ( any suggestions) .

One can open the bank account from India itself, Search NAB and contact the number given they would guide for opening the Migrants bank account. This account can be opened and also money can be transferred to this account , from the internet banking we can only view the account in display mode we cannot transfer or make any other transactions as this account would be activated once we move to Australia and provide them the required documents so please do not transfer the money unless you are sure of the travel.
Also as per research it seems Common Wealth bank has more ATMs around the city.

6) As I have a state sponsorship Protected content category do we need to show any bank deposit (it was one of the parameter while applying for visa )
Not now. That was only during the application process. They want to ensure that you can manage your living for 2 years in Aus even if you do not have an income. It was just a declaration. Proof not required.

7) Any other suggestion which is important (I am travelling with wife no child is travelling at present with us ). Example things to carry like clothing /utensils .

Do not bring any food grains which can be cultivated it is not allowed , also declare anything that you are carrying like food items etc .

8) For men trousers and shoes is advisable to get from India as it is a bit expensive in Australia.

9) Most of the house would be in unfurnished condition so try to bring basic cooking and household utensils.

10) Regarding jobs there a format which is used , it is avaiable online and also on GUMTREE website you would find many people who would charge and get the resume created. Most of the jobs are through reference , example through .

11) Regarding electronic items , please bring Adapter/Convertor from India as it is a bit expensive in Aus.
Also it is advisable to purchase all Electronic items like Mixer , iron etc from Australia itself as they are not that expensive .

Only try to get Pressure Cooker and basic kitchen articles.

Other people who have more experience please feel free to comment. or even if someone have any opinion then please feel free to add one.

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