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Pro Market Broker(Introducing Broker) (Al Ain)

Pro Market Broker(Introducing Broker)
What is a Professional Market Broker(Introducing Broker)?
This is an innovative concept that will help you trade Forex and CFDs such as stocks, indexes, commodities, and bonds by making use of ProMarketBroker ™ (an introducing broker affiliate) services while, at the same time, taking advantage of all of the trading services provided by large trading companies. Our contract is between you and licensed and accredited companies.

Why open an account through us? Why not go directly to the trading company?
-First and foremost, our services are free.
- As you know, trading companies make their profits using the point difference between the buying price and the selling price of currencies, regardless of whether you the closed transaction is a gain or a loss.
- On the other hand, we make a profit when you make a profit (not when you incur a loss. In addition, our profit doesn’t come from your earnings. Instead, our commission comes from the trading companies. This is why you will never pay commission or the cost of services provided.
- This is not to say that we are a charity organization. As stated before, we make our commission by providing the trading companies customers.
-It must be pointed out again that when you open an account through us, you will get all of our services in addition to all of the services provided by the trading company. By opening an account through us, you will gain, free of charge, an expert and certified partner.

Pro Market Broker

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