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seeking help for a cancer child (Al Ain)

Hello everyone, could anyone help me find a charity institutions, or an NGO in UAE for my 16 year old daughter with cancer living in the Philippines. Please let me know as soon as possible, She had synovial sarcoma on her right hand and amputated her 1st and 2nd fingers last year, she already had sessions of chemo and radio therapy, but she still needs continuous medication, vitamins, and immune boosters..I would appreciate any advice and help and willing to send all medical reports, protocol and pictures as well..thanks to all readers, I 'm willing to meet people and ready for any interviews if necessary, to educate parents regarding this uncommon and rare cancer affecting children mostly under 18 years old..

my daughter needs medical help. we are appealing to your kind heart, please extend anything , or who could ever tell me which site i could go to open my daughter's case, .million thanks to all, and God Bless

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