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Living in Algeria?

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Jonathan Brown

Living in Algeria, from Great Britain

"We had problems to find the right school for our kids (6 and 9 years old). Talking to fellow expats on InterNations was a great help!"

Caroline Hayes

Living in Algeria, from USA

"Through InterNations we've met a couple of friendly expat families in Algiers - it's a great platform to share experiences abroad!"

InterNations - a community of trust

InterNations - a trusted Network & Guide for Expats in Algeria

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Working and living in Algeria with the InterNations Expat Guide

Are you preparing for living and working in Algeria? Or are you already an expat and have recently relocated to Algiers, Constantine or some other international Algerian city?

The expat relocation to Algeria is definitely an exciting international opportunity and cross-cultural adventure: Visiting the landscape such as the Saharan Atlas, getting to know how Algerian folks celebrate Ashura, or acquiring a taste for Algeria’s popular dishes like couscous…

We certainly do not limit ourselves to Algeria, though. Our guide includes many more expat hotspots, with advice ranging from living in Singapore to living in Denmark.

Reliable Information about living and working in Algeria

Relocating to and living in Algeria necessitates lots of reliable information on different facets of Algerian expat life. Many questions come up when living overseas in Algeria: ʺAre we, as expats, liable to Algerian income tax law?ʺ, ʺIs it advisable to make a vacation trip into the desert?ʺ, ʺHow to find a trustworthy maid in Algiers?ʺ, or ʺWhat are the requirements to get a Algerian residence permit for my wife?ʺ

Looking for so much information on working and living in Algeria is rather bothersome and requires a lot of time. The InterNations Expat Guide for Algeria is designed to help you and offers trusted information on all issues of interest to expats living in Algeria. Various topics are covered in our Algeria Expat Guide from culture and sights, to housing & household or expat institutions and clubs, up to sports & leisure. Such characteristic questions that concern expat life abroad as ʺWhich NGOs in Algeria need international volunteers?ʺ will no more remain open.

Interested in expat life around the world, though? We have additional information on dozens of countries and cities, from moving to Iceland to live in Finland!

From car rental agencies to business associations –
Advice on living and working in Algeria

In addition, our expat listings for Algeria include recommended entries for services and organizations catering to expatriates’ needs, like car rental agencies or business associations. By becoming part of our community, you can also participate in the InterNations Forum and discuss with other internationals about your expatriate experience living abroad in Algeria. We’ll be delighted to greet you with a warm As-salām 'alaykum among our InterNations members living and working in Algeria.

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