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Calling vegetarians in Algiers


My other half and I recently made a permanent move to Algiers... We've also fairly recently become vegetarian, which is not the easiest thing in Algeria!

We're looking to connect with other veggies out there who might have recommendations of restaurants in Algiers with veggie-friendly menus.

So far we've found that the Indian restaurant Taj Mahal and the Syrian restaurant El Baik are two of the better options for veggies in Algiers (i.e. they have at least one non-meat option!) but we'd love to hear from anyone who has other suggestions.

We're also interested in sharing tips on superettes that might sell things like quinoa, soya, tofu etc. We've done a fair amount of looking around and haven't yet had much success. The Kheyar supermarket in Cheraga sells a mix with quinoa and bulgar wheat, but that's about as good as it gets!

Look forward to hearing from you all!

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