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Great amazing cafe Afternoon (Algiers)

Well first of all i want to thanks all the participants who came this afternoon for our first meeting . It was very nice and amazing to encounter such interesting persons. I got the chance to meet Omar saleh i want to say that he is so sympathic and polite and very modest i really appreciate his discussions . Also after big negociations with Miss Maha we got hience (just kidding). She was sympathic and i noticed that she is an ambitious lady full of energy . I got the chance to discover Gabi who is really kind and intelegent mature guy . I apperiate his discussion . And also we got the visit of Mohamed at the end that was great . Well we got the miss of Saber and Latla unfortunatly they were busy . Well it was a fantastic afternoon and i hope that we will meet soon .
We invite all the persons to join our meetings and to share with us these moment so dont miss that event.

It was internations correspondant of Algiers Djamel (just kidding)


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