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Living in Algiers

Located on the west side of the Bay of Algiers on the Mediterranean Sea in the north of the country, Algiers is the largest and capital city of Algeria. The pleasant Mediterranean climate and fantastic cultural resorts never fail to fascinate tourists. Check out our guide for more information about living in Algiers.

Healthcare in Algiers

Algeria has a public healthcare system, and the amount you are required to pay to access it depends on your earnings, so those earning higher wages will need to pay more for treatments and medicines. However, as the public system is overcrowded, many expatriates living in Algiers use the private system instead, where waiting times are shorter and the standard of care is much higher. Should you wish to use the private system, you are advised to take out comprehensive medical insurance to avoid incurring in large costs.

Education in Algiers

Although Algeria has a public school system, many expatriates living in Algiers will instead use the private system, and send their children to an international school. As a major expatriate destination, Algiers has a lot of international schools, including El Kalimat School, King Fahd School, and Madrasat Ardh al Amal, as well as many French-speaking international schools. Algiers also has three universities: the University of Algiers, the Polytechnic School of Algiers, and Ecole Polytechnique d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme.

Transportation in Algiers

As the capital city, Algiers has the best public transportation network in Algeria. The city currently has a metro, over 50 bus routes, a tram service, and local and intercity train services, as well as international flights from Houari Boumediene Airport. Should you wish to drive whilst living in Algiers you will require an international driving permit to accompany your foreign driving license, but you are not required to get an Algerian license. Expatriates are reminded that the roads in Algiers are often extremely busy, and traffic is heavy at all times throughout the day, even at night, and so you are advised to take care when using the roads.

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