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Expat Market Research - Telecommunications Horror (Alicante)

We are currently rolling out our "Connect Your World" campaign designed strictly for the Expat market.

Understanding that one of the most difficult aspects of Expat newbies and veterans as well is communicating and being understood properly by local and national businesses.......

Keeping this in mind, Eurona Telecommunications designed a service directed to address such issues for the Expat Market.

Our goal is to give our Expat Clientele piece of mind when dealing with any of their telecommunications needs...

With that being said, we are looking for Community Facilitators, Shops and Expat Communities to join us in our effort to facilitate an easier transition for the Expat in Spain.

We would like to hear your concerns and general thought of dealing with your telecommunications service providers.

The purpose of the study is to (assess the telecommunications needs of Expat communities in Spain). The data collected will be used to better address any telecommunications needs in the Expat Community. Individual respondents are not identified by name. If you have any questions regarding this study, or would like additional information to assist you in reaching a decision about participation, please feel free to contact (Luis Hernandez) at Protected content .

1.How long have you lived in Spain?
2.Rate your Spanish level from a scale of Protected content ?
3.On a scale of Protected content important is it to you to have a telecommunications service in place abroad?
4.What company do you currently use for your telecommunications needs?
5.What services do you currently have with said company?
Protected content ?
Protected content Connectivity?
Protected content ?
6.Rate your current connectivity speed on a scale of Protected content ?
7.On a scale of Protected content important is it for your telecommunications company to provide customer service in English?
8.Do you find it difficult to communicate with your current telecommunications provider?
9.Are you currently part of any Expat associations? (yes\no)
Protected content the answer is yes, which association.
10.Are you apposed to a premium fee for services rendered in English?

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