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Have you insured your Life?
Have You insured your Heath?
Have you started to plan for your financial future?

How astute are we really? We teach our children to look forward to the future whilst enjoying life. We also teach them to save, and to protect themselves be safe, yet we don't follow our own advice! We also know that the only guarantee's life offers us is RETIREMENT, and unfortunately The End!

So why is it that so many people i meet have uplifted and become an expat generally as the lifestyle and the money is better ...yet they TOTALLY have no protection and planning in place!

Having worked with expats all over the globe for the last 15 years i am still amazed how many people i meet that have no protection no financial plan, and have their hard earned money either sat in a Bank making the banks Richer and typically a mere % back to you,have no Health Insurance , No Life Insurance... Yes i am sure as most its something you are planning to do but you've been planning to do it for the last 3 years Protected content more, believe me I've seen so many and from all sectors and at all levels right up to Top CEO's.

Isn't it about time we stop betting on the Roulette Table of Chance and start to really be Smart... There is two very true sayings, Work Smarter Not Harder and this also applies to your Money let it work Smart! also If you fail to Plan you are Really Planning to Fail! So how many of us have NO and i mean NO Retirement Plan, No Tax Efficient Savings/Investment Plan, No Health Ins Plan and No Life Ins Plan? You can kid yourself but how Smart is That ?

Take a look at over 4 decades of experience dealing with expats worldwide and make the right decision today.

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A Totally Complimentary Consultation for expats and locals in Vietnam and Asia, let May Protected content the month and Year You moved in the right Direction.


Andrew Heath
Associate Director
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Be a Lion rather than following the herd of sheep all doing the same thing! This is YOUR FUTURE

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