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Memorial Ceremony for Moni (Monika Lilia) (Alicante)

Dear Internations friends...

We have very sad news to share...our lovely friend Moni has passed away.

You are likely to have met her at an Internations meeting in Alicante. She moved over here around October. She was a true Internations Sister.

Moni was born in Columbia of Mexican and Middle Eastern parents. She grew up in US. Lived in New York and the last few years in Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia and when she seemed to have settled down among us, she decided to depart from Earth.

We are all still in shock and trying to contact friends and family.

Ana and myself have organized a small memorial ceremony this Sunday 23rd at 5pm. We are meeting next to the Ocean Race Volvo museum under the round canopy. We will be sharing our story of friendship with Moni and give her an offering to the sea from the Levante jetty.

You are welcomed to bring something to Moni that reminds you of her for the offering.

She is greatly can visit her Facebook page: Moni Mundial for more info.

Take care of yourself

Ana and Olga

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