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Non-resident bank account - advice please! (Alicante)

I'm planning on spending this week trying to set up a non-resident bank account in Alicante. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations of the best banks to approach (or any banks I should be avoiding)? We'd like an account that should be functional across the whole of Spain, not just in Alicante.

I've heard that some of the banks are worse than others for charges. I'd quite like to save myself having to try too many banks to find out if they will do a non-resident account and to find out about their charges (especially since my Spanish is still slow), so any advice is welcome!

Also, any suggestions on what might be accepted to handle the Protected content anti-money laundering requirements. We are both self-employed without any employment contracts so don't have any of the usual documents to support our working or retired status.


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