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Property Syndicate Investors Required (Alr 4 Memb) (Alicante)


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Please request a read only copy of the Syndicate Membership Agreement for more details.

GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!! If you are interested in investing small sums in property to realize better than average equity growth and cash returns then please contact me ASAP for further details of this genuine opportunity. We anticipate annual returns of between 6 and 10%+ in the early years. A syndicate is due to launch for a 10 year period next month and the syndicate already has members lined up but requires a few more for the launch. Investments per member of between Protected content GBP are required in each property investment. Reducing investment amounts in subsequent properties as rental incomes kick in. The market we are aiming at is now prime for a decade of growth and prices are 40% of what they were in Protected content . All syndicate members will be introduced to each other prior to completing full membership registration. All members will be required to formally register by signing our Syndicate Agreement. Members can leave the syndicate after 2 years if they wish and take the full cash value of there investment at that time. However continued participation would be wiser!
The syndicate founder is a 54 year old retired professional and chartered engineer! Who has experience of developing property portfolios.
Note: now that people can access their pension pots will further stimulate demand in our market further!
Want to hear more? See some figures? Understand how it works?
Send email to Protected content or Protected content for read only copy of Syndicate Membership Agreement etc

Property Investment Syndication
Property syndication offers the opportunity to channel private earnings and savings into small property investments with medium to long term growth potential. This does not preclude the use of bank financing as is appropriate for the further growth of syndicate equity. Syndication has become a useful way of enabling smaller investors to acquire equity in one or more properties without which would not be possible for syndicate members on their own. Furthermore syndicate property acquisition can be a gradual process thus allowing members time to replenish funds for the next investment property.
The term “syndication” has no precise legal significance. It is a descriptive term for a group of like minded investors pooling capital for investment in property. Syndication leveling (choosing to invest in some or all syndicate properties acquired) and member shares enables syndicate members to choose whether to progress to the next level (subsequent property shared ownership) or to limit their investment to one or any number of properties. Equally members can choose to increase their own investment thus taking multiple shares in one or more properties.
The syndicate and its members are both responsible and obligated to each other to abide by the membership rules. The syndicate manager is responsible for the effective management of the property acquisition process and general syndicate operations.

In General - Property syndication combines the money of individual investors (syndicate members) with the management of syndicate property acquisition and management operations. The cycle being: origination (planning, acquiring property, satisfying registration) operation: (manages both the syndicate and the property); and liquidation or completion (resale of the property).

Benefits - By pooling limited financial resources with others who are similarly situated, a small-scale investor may participate in ownership of a piece of property that is often too much to handle singly. Syndication also offers professional management which might not otherwise be economically feasible for the small investor. Basic commodity combined with experience in property acquisition, management and resale is important for success.

The Med Syndicate - Background Information
The Spanish property market became very popular with foreigners many years ago after Spain was opened up to large scale tourism particularly in coastal areas. Developments continued to shoot up everywhere to meet the ever increasing demand from foreign holiday makers, investors and expats. The Spanish property market grew steadily over decades as did the purchase prices of its real estate. However, this became unsustainable, particularly when Spain’s economic woes and those of other European countries started to impact the market and prices of real estate to the extent that in Protected content market started to crash and that proceeded to deepen further in Protected content a further drop in values of 13%. Many properties in Spain owned by foreigners were taken over by the banks with owners bailing out because of the adverse negative equity that many found themselves in. In Protected content it has become possible to purchase small properties for Protected content % of the price they were valued at in Protected content , e.g. 100k properties are now on the market for 30k-40k GBP.

Prices now in Spain appear to have stabilized with early signs that prices will be on their way back up over the next Protected content . And the demand for properties is also showing signs of growth according to recent government figures that show an increase of 29,000 more mortgage contracts being taken out between Feb Protected content Feb Protected content the previous year. That’s an average monthly increase of over 2,400 per month. Also there has been a 9% increase in foreign purchases.

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