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REAL weather between Valencia and Alicante


HI, I'm hoping someone can give us a REAL indication of the weather in Spain between Valencia and Alicante. We currently live in Cyprus and during July and August it is just way too hot (late 40s) and incredibly humid 80% upwards and we're finding it unbearable. We are thinking of relocating to somewhere between Alicante and Valencia and are hoping the weather is not so severe. When you look online at weather websites they give you an average for July and August and frankly they are so way off they are not worth looking at. So, we wondered if someone can tell us how it really is. We know it gets hot there, but it's been crazy from June to the end of October here.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also my wife is a mobile chiropodist so any suggestions of where to live that has a fairly large British expat community would also be useful.
Many thanks for your time.

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