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Addressed to Animal Lovers (Almaty)

Hello Guys,

I recently joined a group of stray dogs welfare volanteers in Almaty. I don’t want to darken your weekend describing this new side of the world which opened up for me, what I can say is that help is needed….any help. Why I decided to write about it here is because recently a few expat guys helped a lot, one of them adopted an old dog sick with cancer to brighten her last days, another covered medical service for a dog which was sentenced to be put down otherwise. So I thought that may be some of you would like to help but just don’t know how, so below I list some options of what can be done:
- Support an individual dog or cat – what happens is that daily, volunteers using their own resources rescue dogs and cats injured on the road or by hand of a man, starving and inflated. The animal then needs to be taken to the clinics for check/treatment and then be placed in shelter – all that costs money, to give you an idea - xray/analyses cost about 10,000Tg, day in clinics - 1,500, sterilisation – from 5,000 to 12,000 depending on the size of the animal (shelters don’t accept not sterilised animals). A month in shelter is 10,000/20, Protected content here don’t have any official funding, they are over crowded and survive on donations)
- Donation to an individual shelter – it can be any amount of money (any little helps!!) or any dogs/cats food, grain, meat cuttings, old blankets, towels etc
- Adoption
- Transportation – it’s a very valuable resource required to pick up an animal, take to clinics/shelter etc
- Visit a shelter – the dogs in a shelter are in a great need of human’s attention
- Take part in a rescue action – very often we are simply short of hands
If you feel you would like to give us a hand please leave your comments or write to m or contact me on Protected content , Nas Please note that any help is very valuable for us and it can save a furry life.
P.S. Very soon we will open our page on FB in English, and those who are interested will be able to see all our news, rescued dogs/cats pics etc

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