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Pioneer v's Maxima building??? (Almaty)

Hello again folks,

My wife has been in Almaty just over a week now and is settling in well with her new job at Air Astana and is enjoying exploring the city and the great weather. She is though, still in a hotel for now and we want to get this sorted out and sign off on our own place before I travel down there with our two young sons.

She has seen about 15 apartments, some very impressive, some not so I'm afraid and we've narrowed our decision down to two places. A two bed in Pioneer with massive living spaces, close to coffee shops, bars and restaurants, with a great (the best we've seen) outdoor play area, gym nearby etc.

The second on the short list is a three bed in the Maxima building, I believe they're quite close to each other actually. It has slightly smaller living spaces (but bedroom 3 can be a dedicated kids playroom/den (which I think is invaluable) - they're both lovely but.... Maxima is only now being decorated in what looks like our style and very tastefully. Maxima is probably a better space for us but Pioneer seems better situated... what I want to know is what you folks think please? Anyone live in either of these buildings? Is maxima a little remote? All opinions greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help as always.


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