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Practicing your Russian (Almaty)

I believe that in order to learn language far more than just the grammar and the minimal vocabulary you have to love it. The love lies in an understanding the spirit. Being not Russian I can understand the beauty of the language. If you want you can join our event based sessions in our office and talk about some topics. For example, recently we have discussed the story called "Satin doll". It's about an experience of one Russian guy in Japan, but mostly of course it is about american jazz. There was a word "на гребне". Do you know it? I can read a story out loud, we can discuss every interesting word or phrase. My goal is to seed the deep understanding of the language. You - can find a good place to practice your Russian, avoiding economic, weather themes, find good friends among other westerners.
It's a paid service Protected content per session), if it sounds good and you are interested in language practice and new literature discoveries please do contact our office. Ph. Protected content Protected content

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