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Professional Medical Massage Anyone? (Almaty)

Hello everyone!

I have recently moved to Almaty from Bishkek and building here a new clientele. I am a neurologist, physiotherapist and certified massage specialist with 15 years of experience in the vertebrology. I have unique own deep tissue massage methodic which has high efficacy at stressed muscles, headaches, vertigo, insomnia, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder (here garanteed result after the first massage session - no kidding) etc.

There was a magazine for expats - "The Secret" from February Protected content in Bishkek where one of my patients wrote an article about my work. It's hard massage technique, not for everybody, however I always know the measure and leave no bruises. Although it may hurt the next day a little bit. I don't use oil. I also have specialization in guasha and visceral massage which I've studied in Russia, Novosibirsk this year.

Back home I had private pracice, also used to work at Hyatt Bishkek for a while, I had a clientele which comprised expats from all over the world - mostly from Kumtor, different NGO - Companion, Mercy corps, entrepreneurs, bankers, and those who just have stressful life and sitting job with lack of physical activity. The common practice for expats was to attend massage on demand, or once a week, unlike local medical tradition to get massage a few times in a raw in order to get lasting persisting effect which is enough for half a year in average, depending on life and work style.

So if you need a massage session or you know somebody who needs I will definately find a time slot for you. Je parle francais aussi. Pas très bien))

I am not a member on IN and can't send many letters - so please call me directly and ahead Protected content . I work at a private medical center and home service is also available.


For those who speak Russian here is a link to the page which I used to have in Bishkek, you can find there information about my massage method. Protected content

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