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Russian language courses in Kazakhstan (Almaty)

Hello, everybody!

My name is Juan Carlos. I'm Colombian and I'm currently living in Bogota. I'm planning on having a year off to study Russian and Im planning on staying in Kazakhstan for 3 months or so to learn the language (I will also be in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan before arriving)

I'm wondering whether living in Astana is better than Almaty and whether there are actually good places in Astana to learn the language? I know that Nazarbayev University is a good uni, but they do not offer Russian courses. As for Almaty, I know Kimep University does and I've heard it's a good place to study it. Can anyone help me on this one?
Some advice before choosing the city I'd like to live in? I'd like to try doing some volunteering in the country while there. Perhaps NGOs would be gathered the most in the capital?

Thanks for any kind of information you'd be able to provide!

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