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anyone interested in horse riding? (Amman)

I was wondering, is anybody on this board interesting in horse riding. It could be a one day/afternoon outing, or something on a more regular basis. If wouldn't mind organizing an afternoon trip to go horse riding together. But what I am really looking for others who like to ride and want (re)start their horse riding here in Jordan.

My plan is to start somewhere from mid September (in three weeks I am going for a couple of weeks to the Netherlands, so gives me the chance to bring my horse riding stuff here).

So, any one interested? And also can anyone recommend a place near Amman? I am not looking for horse riding classes (although now and then would be fine) or a riding school where you stay inside the paddock, but a riding school where you go outside into the country side for rides.

Would be great if we could create a small horse riding group.


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