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Arabic Film Week (Amman)

Arabic Film Week

When: Protected content
Where: The Royal Film Commission- Jordan, Jebel Amman, 1st Circle, 5 Omar Bin Al Khattab street (side street almost at the end of Rainbowstreet)

For more information: T. Protected content . 20), Protected content and Protected content . or
Protected content

Films start 11.00 PM

Entrance: I think free, but not 100% sure.


Saturday 13 August Protected content
“Transit Cities”
In the presence of the Director and lead Actress Saba Mubarak
Mohammad Hushki, 70 minutes, Drama, in Arabic with English subtitles, Protected content , Jordan.
After 14 years Laila returns home and attempts to pick up her former life. Returning to Amman, disillusioned by life abroad, she tries to create a new life. But the simple hometown of her past is now a very different place. Beset by tensions on all sides, Laila finds it extremely difficult to adapt to her family and her new environment.
In Protected content , the film received the Special Jury Prize and (FIPRESCI) International Federation of Film Critics Awards/ the International Critics’ Prize at Dubai International Film Festival.

Sunday 14 August Protected content
Mohamed Diab, Protected content , Drama, in Arabic with English subtitles, Protected content , Egypt.
It may be a taboo subject but the simple fact is that incidences of sexual harassment in Egypt are on the rise. In this bold and frank film, the directorial debut of respected Egyptian scriptwriter Mohamed Diab, we witness a number of perspectives on the matter, through the eyes of three women drawn from across Cairo's complex social hierarchy. The film follows this trio as, frustrated by the lackadaisical response from authorities, they decide to take the law into their own hands and begin exacting violent revenge on men foolish enough to try and harass them.
The film has won the Arab Muhr Awards for Best Actor and Actress at Dubai International Film Festival Protected content . In Protected content , the film received the Grand Prize at the Festival of African Cinema in Morocco.

Monday 15 August Protected content
“Late December”
Moez Kamoun, Protected content , Drama Comedy, in Arabic with English subtitles, Protected content , Tunisia.
Aicha lives in a remote Tunisian mountain village and dreams of a better life. After promising her the world, her boyfriend Mourad disappears and leaves her in a state of confusion and despair. She meets a young French immigrant who may change everything. Meanwhile Adam arrives at this peaceful village to escape from the city and the stress of his profession as a doctor. Soon this peaceful place is turned upside down.
The film has received the Jury's Special Award for Best Actress at Cairo International Film Festival in Protected content .

Tuesday 16 August Protected content
“The Place”
Dahmane Ouzid, Protected content , Musical Comedy, in Arabic with English subtitles, Protected content , Algeria.
This first Algerian musical comedy is a hymn to the new generations that fight the problems of society. Very ironic and scathing, this comedy shows a group of boys against a group of girls, who hang around in “the place” and want to defend it from a company that plans to build a shopping centre. Traditional songs, Hip Hop, Rap and R’n’B are mixed to denounce the marginalization of young people, the drug problem and illegal emigration in an entertaining and dynamic portrait of young Algerians away from all stereotypes.
The film won the Best Actor and Actress Awards in the Oran International Arab Film Festival in Protected content the Best Music Award at the Festival of Montpellier in France.

Wednesday 17 August Protected content
“The Big Villa”
Latif Lahlou, Protected content , Drama, in Arabic and French with English subtitles, Protected content , Morocco.
Rashid, Laurence, and their seven-year old son Sami, decide to leave Paris to settle in Morocco. Upon their arrival, Laurence tries to adapt to the new customs of her family-in-law. Rashid, meanwhile, is the subject of intrigues that block the advancement of his scientific research. Laurence feels increasingly trapped in the lifestyle of the “tribe”. Their familial relationship becomes tense as two different cultures collide.
The film has received the Best Actress Award at the National Cinema festival in Tanjah, Morocco.

Thursday 18 August Protected content
“Stray Bullet”
In the presence of the Director
Georges Hashem, 76 mns, Drama, Arabic with English subtitles, Protected content , Lebanon.
Set in Beirut during the summer of Protected content , 'Stray Bullet' introduces us to Noha, a thirty something woman, who is about to be married. As relieved as her parents are, now the threat of spinsterhood has lifted, Noha realizes that she has no feelings for her fiancé. To worsen the situation, a former lover of Noha suddenly reappears, sending the lives of all involved into a dizzying freefall. As Noha's life descends into an emotional maelstrom the tension inside and outside the family ratchets up to breaking point
The film has won the Muhr Arab award for the Best Feature Film category in Dubai International film festival Protected content the Best Scenario Prize at Cairo Film Festival Protected content

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