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Bartender course (Amman)

Always wanted to impress your guests with fancy cocktails?

There will be an offer for a 3-hour introduction with training that covers working flair, garnish, fruits, ice, glass, spirits and mixing drinks. A professional bartender will go with you through everything step by step, allowing you to put your knowledge into practical use. This will quickly show in your technique and speed creating your own cocktails for you and your guests.

The bartender course's training program is divided into two blocks:

- Practical cocktail- and drink mixing
- Glass and Garnishing
- Equipment and tools

- Spirits and Liquors
- Mixers and fillers
- Drink and cocktail recipes

The bartender classes are held in a real life bar to get your whole experience as genuine as possible. You will be working with international equipment. When your class begins, you start off with theoretical training, after going through techniques, spirits and glasses etc. and theory will be put into practice.

Classes will be held with a maximum of 5 to 10 persons only. If you are interested, please post here and I arrange the date and get the cost for it.

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