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Because I know you are dying to know!! (Amman)

Yesterday I went to a Salsa party and was asked to dance with a lady who was the subject of a hen party! She did not know how to Salsa nor did her ten or so other friends. One of them, maybe she was too drunk, said that I was the best Salsa dancer in the whole party!!!!! The was great to hear even though it proved how she had no idea what Salsa was. I don't know why she said that because I only knew like Protected content in total while all the others knew at least 10 times more than I did!!!

Anyway, because you all are dying to know how GREAT my progress in Salsa is, you should know that I have been pronounced, albiet by an unqualified judge, as the best Salsa ever to exist on planet Earth... Maybe she didn't use these exact words...

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