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Connect for Coffee Amman

Connect for Coffee Amman
When: Saturday 11 December, from 3.30 pm till 5.30 pm
Where: The Starbucks in Abdoun, you find the Starbuck in Abdoun next to the Blue Vic where we had our October Gathering.

Hello Everybody,
In my home town in the Netherlands I used to organize lots of activities for international people living there. One of the things was a regular coffee morning. I want to set up something like that here too. So I would like to invite you to the first Connect for Coffee Amman. It would be nice if you could tell me if you are coming or not, just to know how many are joining and whom to expect. But also if you haven’t signed up and you read this on Saturday morning or early afternoon, please join. It’s supposed to be a very informal, very low profile gathering.
I will be sitting downstairs somewhere close to the entrance, this is the non-smoking part. If there are people that want to smoke we can always move upstairs to the smoking part. How to recognize me? I will be dressed in white. Another distinguish feature is my blond hair.
I hope to see you on Saturday afternoon.

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