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Crunchy people unite! (Amman)


Do you get excited by the words organic, recycled, vegetarian, or eco-friendly? I know I'm not alone in seeking out natural/organic/green foods and sustainable living here in Jordan, so I wanted to start a thread to combine efforts.

I'm relatively new to Amman, and I know Jordan is relatively new to natural foods. Some natural/organic products are available in across the city, but they can be hard to find. I've done my own hunting and searching for healthier alternatives in Jordan, which actually landed me with a job at Juthour, Amman's largest importer of natural and organic foods, so I'll start there.

Juthour was created in Protected content is behind most of the natural/organic foods you see in supermarkets around Amman. All of Juthour's products are natural, many are organic. The company also specializes in gluten-free and low-sugar alternatives. You can order their products from the Juthour office by phone (Tel Protected content Protected content . For a list of available products, visit Protected content (there's a new website in the works). When you're out and about, look for Juthour's products at Spinney's, Cozmo, Carrefour, and Miles among a few others.

I've also found a decent selection of other organic/natural products at SPINNEY'S, including Annie's and Paul Newman products (!!).

Spinney's is getting more and more each time I go, and Cozmo occasionally has some over-packaged organic produce as well.

I have read that the Souq al Balad Farmer’s Market sells organic produce throughout the market’s open season. Any one know about this?

Recycled/biodegradable products for sale? Especially paper products?
Juthour carries a couple of natural cleaning agents.

When I brought my own bag to Spinney's, the bagger told me that their bags were recyclable. "Where?" I asked. "Good point," she said.

So far I know you can drop off recyclables in front of Cozmo and Blue Fig. What's the deal with hotels and embassies? Any other locations?

"Kale? Kale? Kale?" Let me know if you have any good sources for greens, esp. kale.

Frozen fruit besides strawberries?

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