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desesperately looking for a car anyone else? (Amman)

Hi everyone,
I'm desesperately looking for a car.
Cars are so expensive in Jordan.
I'm wondering if anyone know of a cheap/ good deal car for sale?
Also I heard there are few rules , I'm not a resident yet.
Do I have to buy a Protected content and up?
I 've also heard about few students studying for a diploma who managed to buy a car tax free, any body has informations about it?
Who knows the process for registering a car?
Also I'm looking at the possibility of renting a car, anyone has find a good and cheap rental company?
If you are in my situation and also looking for a car, may be we can go through the process together, may be we can get a good deal if we are buying 2 cars or more, or we can get a better deal at a car rental company!!!

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