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Downtown of Zarqa city !!! (Amman)


What I want to tell about is a marketplace; a marketplace most of people from outside of Jordan are happy while they are walking its streets, Arabs and Western, it is not like Amman downtown, it has its special "Fragrant". !!!

I invite you all to visit Zarqa City [ Protected content from Amman] and enjoy your stay in the downtown. It is really a unique place to be in.

Just remember, I am not advertising to any shop over there, I do not have any business around, I just want you to leave Amman to another city you may like too.

Zarqa is a very cheap city in everything comparing with Amman the capital.

For further information where you can find cheap clothes, shoes, where to eat & buy Syrian and other Eastern sweets and much more please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Protected content

And I will give you how to be in the centre of Zarqa city (downtown) and how to leave to Amman again.

"Because I do not open internations always"

Welcome to Jordan and...

Welcome to Zarqa!!!

Good luck!!

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