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Enlightenment (Amman)


" The old man had lived most of his life on what was considered to be one of the lovliest islands in the world. Now that he had to spend his retirement years in the big city someone said to him, "it must have been wonderful to live for so many years on an Island that is considered one of the wonders of the world."

"The old man gave that some thought, then said, "well, to tell you the truth, if I had known it was so famous, I'd have looked at it."

"people dont need to be taught how to look.
They need to be saved from schools that blind them."
Protected content S.J Mello!(Late Catholic Priest)

When The Prophet Muhammed went to a village to preach to the towns people, the inhabitants sent the children to rain stones on Him, they did and he bled! An angel appeared to him and was so annoyed The Angel said to God' please grant me permission to destroy these towns people so that non of its people will be spared, but The Prophet quickly pleaded to God please dont grant this angels request and forgive them for maybe in the future their generations will worship you and be merciful to mankind and one another! God granted his request and they were saved!

The jews of that time pledged their support for him and he protected them from invaders and oprressors! How many of us have such patience and compassion these days!

And the Qur'an Says: "There is no compulsion in Religion"

Likewise the Bible, the Torah, the Saburah and the oldest books aforetime!

Peaceful coexistence built on tolerance is most necessary! And the collective interest is very foremost as regards complete goodness to one another!

Now in these days, how many of us are guilty of what we accuse other people of? perhaps most of us! we are quick to condem and deffer on issues! Human race has sworn to hatred and division! Ideological intolerance upon another!

The truth is "in life we do not need a solid ground but the dexterity of a swimmer"!
We dont have to belong to the same School of thought, but the beauty of life is respecting and loving other peoples beliefs and learning to tolerate and live within this truism of Humanity in a peaceful coexistence devoid of hatreds, prejudices and intolerance or scorn!

Any one who is an altruist irrespective of Religion, Race or colour, Gender, Height, or Prejudice. But a Human being with a passion for peace should contact me to co author this very imminently needed book for Humanity! God Help Us! Amin!

Life is beautiful!

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