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Exchange Tourism - hiking, eating, and crafts! (Amman)

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Come and join us on Friday, October 7th for an incomparable Exchange Tourism trip to Ghor Al-Mazra’a, where you will get to learn, share, give, receive and experience the captivating riches of the Dead Sea community!

The formula is simple!

You will pay JD 25, which will support the ladies of Ghor Al Mazra’a. (Payment must be made by Thursday, Oct. 6th to reserve your spot – specific information about payment location will be e-mailed to you.)

In return, Ghor Al-Mazra’a community will:

- Take you on a 1.5 hour scenic hike around Seil Weida’a to enjoy and experience the beauty of Al Ghor

- Connect you with the Jordanian roots and history as the local community teaches you traditional crafts and skills such as: – Bread-making (shraq) – Kohol (eyeliner) – Kuffieh tassels – Cook Gallayet bandora – Henna – Basket Weaving – Ornaments from recycled material such as flower designs, frames, and much more

The trip will conclude with a traditional lunch of tomato in a pan/Gallayet Bandora & Shraq bread cooked and prepared by the local community and yourselves!

Check out this video that shows some footage of previous trips and accomplishments of the Zikra Initiative!
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Take part in making change through exchange!
•Bus leaves at 10:00 am from al Markazia (Toyota/Lexus) at Mecca Street, expected time of arrival back to Amman 5pm
•Ghor Al Mazra’a is 20 min. away from the Mujib reserve Protected content from Amman)

*Don’t forget to bring your ID with you

*If you would like to leave at your own leisure, please provide your own transportation

*To learn more about the Zikra Initiative, please visit our website: Protected content or e-mail Protected content

*Be quick, as places are limited!

Why Exchange-Tourism?

- Eliminates the giver-receiver dynamic & replaces it with an equal & fair relationship
– Breaks different stereotypes we may have about one another
– Allows rural communities to develop pride in their culture, to preserve their unique identity and keep traditions from extinction – Helps urban communities learn about their cultural heritage
– Bridges the divide between marginalized rural communities and the ‘rich,’ but insulated urban population
– Creates a niche for marginalized rural communities and helps lift them out of ‘poverty’ without relying on unsustainable financial aid
– Generates funds that are invested in the development of marginalized rural areas

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