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Experiences getting internet set up (Amman)

I went with Zain for my mobile and got a dongle to use temporarily while deciding what internet provider to go with long-term.

Based on some recommendations from acquaintances and a good package on offer, I went with Orange. Spent more than an hour while the girl at the shop completed the various forms to set up the contract and arranged for installation later that week - Saturday morning to be exact. Needless to say after hanging around the house for the entire day no one showed up! Called customer service and they said to call the technician but didn't know whether he spoke English or not. A big help. Anyway, they said someone would be around the following day after work. No one showed. (The tech subsequently said he only worked until 4).

The technician did phone a day later but didn't speak much English. Another appt. was fixed for the following Saturday at 10 a.m. By noon he hadn't showed up so called customer service again and was told he would call within two hours. He eventually did call/show, did something on the main line outside, handed me the router and said an electrician was needed for work indoors. Said someone would come in an hour. It's now two hours later and I'm still waiting and fuming. Another Saturday lost.

Bottom line, if I had it to do over again I wouldn't have chosen Orange as their customer service is abysmal.

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