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Great Gourmet Store in Abdoun (Amman)

Like many posters here who expressed their dissatisfaction on an earlier thread regarding Cozmo and Carrefour Supermarkets ... I too felt unhappy with many aspects of supermarkets in Amman,, such as the sell by dates,, service,, especially at meat counters and bakeries,, and the worst fear of all - is buying products from the frozen food departments in all those stores!

Poorly maintained freezers/fridges and product handling really freaks me out - so shopping becomes a chore as opposed to a pleasant gastronomic experience.

Needless to say I was delighted when a friend introduced me to a new Gourmet Store which opened recently in Abdoun - near to Blue Fig, which caters for the needs of "foreigners" and those who have lived outside Jordan.

It really is the best store around -with the freshest produce - efficient fridges and freezers and specially picked farm fresh vegetables and fruits (as opposed to the 3rd class produce in many supermarkets).

It has a fantastic delicatessen counter with lots of imported cheeses and products -unavailable in other stores, plus lots of imported foods from Harrods and other quality foreign providers.

One visit to this store and all the others will pale into insignificance! It has a light spacious continental feel and aptly named "MARCHE"..
The staff are very helpful and polite and most of them english / french speaking.

The Butchers stand serves the cleanest and tastiest imported meat with steaks, roast beef, brisket etc .. as opposed to the usual mansaf style cuts.

They also make the tastiest and freshest ma'aginaat around (oven baked cheese pastries - like pizza in a way) ... (made to order in 10 minutes Protected content you can eat there (they have a nice sitting area outside) where you can have tea and coffee too.. Friday mornings is quite busy, as many folks enjoy a coffee, pastry and lounge after doing their shopping...

Last but not least - their prices are approximately the same as Cozmo - and their meat, which I consider is more superior - is maybe even cheaper...

I know this sounds like an advertisement - but I am posting as a member who has had the same experiences as some of the posters on town talk - and just wanted to inform other members who seek foreign products and a higher class of produce - as "Marche" is a little off the beaten track - and its not a place you would pass by in the car normally. Its clientele are diplomatic staff and the higher echelons of local peeps...

If you fancy checking it out Protected content right into the street where Blue Fig sits on the corner - go to the end of this dual carriageway type road (around Protected content until you reach the mini roundabout - turn left - and MARCHE is on your immediate left hand side. Parking is easy outside - and valet parking is also available.

Bon Appetit !!!!

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