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Help for any expats (Amman)


For the expats who relocate to Amman (welcome aboard), please consider the necessary below guides/hints that might be helpful and save some of your time.

1. In case you get in trouble, example: fire at home, sharp sickness, feel unsafe, etc. then never hesitate to call Protected content . This number works even from international phones and with phones without SIM card. It calls the operation center of Jordan which handles everything (police, civil defense, electricity, etc.)
2. Jordan is very safe country but for females, we advise not to go alone at night after 22:00 in case the place is not public and has no people.

The main language conducted is Arabic. You can speak in English but not in every places. Not all taxi drivers know English. We have listed important Arabic words/phrases with their translation that would be useful,

1. One JD = 1.4 USD = 1.25 Euro, and there are currency exchange shops inside the airport.
Amman Major Areas
Amman basically is extended around 8 circles (roundabouts). Those roundabouts are organized within a straight line. The distance between each circle is around 2 to 3 KM. Best active areas are the ones which are located in the west of Amman. Major areas with their relative location to roundabouts as below:
1. Shmeisani (close to 5th Circle) (west)
2. Abdoun (close to 4th circle) (west)
3. Sweifieh (close to 7th circle) (west)
4. Abdali (near by Shmeisani) (west)
5. Jabal Al Webdeh (near by Abdali) (west)
6. Khilda (close to 7th Circle) (west)
7. Jordan University area (far from roundabouts) (north of Amman)
8. Sweileh (far a bit from roundabouts) (north of Amman)
9. Tabarbour (far a bit from roundabouts) (north of Amman)
10. Abu Nseir (far a bit from roundabouts) (north of Amman)
11. Tlaa Al Ali (far a bit from roundabouts) (north/west of Amman)

1. Transportation by taxi is the easiest way to move in Amman as the local bus consumes time and not available after sunset but sure it is cheaper
1-A. The taxi rate (tariff) is counted by an electronic counter placed below the car stereo. The driver must turn it on (by law) to count the rate (I think this is not applicable for [Airport Taxis] as they have fixed charges showed on a banner at the airport
1-B. The Taxi Tariff in Amman is (0.25 for the start + 0.3 JD for each KM). If the taxi waits for 1 hour (due to traffic, or as per your request) you should pay 5 JD. If you move between the major aforesaid areas above, then the taxi rate would vary between 1 JD to 4 JD. The night tariff is a bit more expensive than the day tariff
1-C. The airport has a special taxi (beige color not yellow[normal taxi] ) and as I remember the tariff from the airport to any of Amman major roundabouts areas is around 20 JD. The airport taxi tariff is written on a board in the airport, so look at it before you ride
1-D. There is a special taxi company works inside Amman called (Al Mumayaz) and their taxis can be requested by phone or by spotting on the street. The number to call Protected content the service is 24/7, 24 hours. It is a bit more expensive than the normal taxi (yellow one)
2. If you want to rent a car, the rent rate ranges from 20 JD to Protected content (depending on the car brand)
2-A. Gasoline price now is 0.55 JD per litter for the 90 class. The price changes according to the international prices.
3. You can use Uber to get to the airport or inside the city. The rate for the airport is 15 JD.
4. You can use the Sariyah bus to go to/from the airport for only 2.65 JD, search in the posts for "Sariyah" and you will find two detailed posts.

The below rates are for single bedroom and two bed rooms apartments in west/north of Amman per month:
* For furnished single bedroom apartment or studio: ranges between Protected content to Protected content .
* For furnished two bedrooms apartment: ranges between Protected content to Protected content
The rent rate might be less or more depending on the location and the quality.

Mobile Phones
1. There are only 3 mobile network operators (Zain, Orange and Umniah). The oldest one is Zain and the youngest one is Umniah. Their coverage is good for all of them but I recommend Zain first then Orange as they are operating since long time. One more thing, lot of people have Zain lines so it will be cheaper for you to call Zain if you gain a Zain line
1-A. Phone calls rate differs according to the mobile operators and the offer you subscribed with. Local calls range between (0.01 JD to 0.08 JD) and international calls approx (0.15 JD to 0.40 JD, also consider the destination)
1-B. You can get SIM card easily from any mobile shop which are plenty. I bought a Zain SIM card before few days for just 1 JD (without having any credit inside). So be careful. From Jordanians they require the identity card, so probably you will need a passport copy to register the line with your name
For any other information you can contact me

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