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Increasing the number of meetings / varying them (Amman)

Hello all,

First of all, it was nice to meet many of you on Friday at the Grappa lounge! I look forward to our next meeting, and in the meanwhile, I have questions for you...

At the party at Grappa the other night, some of us were thinking it could be nice to have more numerous and/or more varied events. The suggestions ranged from organizing another meeting in between the two monthly meetings, in a nice bar or restaurant in Amman, to give us all a further chance to meet and chat (this is the simplest option), to renting a minibus for a day and going all together to a nice place - for example, to the Dead Sea or some other place like that.

Before coming to Amman, in a previous life (which actually means in Protected content ... I just arrived here on 2 January Protected content , I was a member of an organization which was having:
- 3 restaurants per month
- One additional meeting in a bar, followed by a restaurant for those who were interested
- Regular museum visits (and of late, we set in place a system of reduced-price membership card)
- Sports and games and cinema activities
- Once in a while, a big gathering outside Paris (this was in France), in the mountain or elsewhere.

So, I guess what I am looking for here is your suggestions as to what would interest you most... More restaurants and bars? Museum, cinema, or sporty outings? Varying the places, and going to a nice area outside Amman? All of these? ... and with which frequency?

I guess most of these activities are easy to organize, and the rest of them can be organized provided there is the will :-) I do not volunteer for organizing all of them, but some of them, yes, provided we manage to better understand what most of us would be most interested in!

Best regards,