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information to support learning (any) language (Amman)

For quite a while I try to learn Arabic and until now I have to say (until recently) not very successful. I thought it was me, too lazy, no talent for foreign languages or it is just because "Arabic is such a difficult language to learn". Well the last one maybe true, but the other two were a bit more complicated. What I discovered that the methodology in which a language course is presented makes a great difference to me. The more traditional way (grammar and learning vocabulary English-Arabic) is not really it for me. A much more interactive method with pictures and lots of listening is working much much better (if it was only enjoying doing it)

So far the personal experience.

Because of this discovery I got curious if there was useful information to find on the internet about language learning (not just Arabic, foreign language learning in general) and yes there is. These two websites offer a lot of free stuff (blog posts, e-books) with lots of tips on how to learn a new language, tools that can support you and above all how to keep yourself motivated. The key message is, there is no "standard method", a "one size fits all", these websites help you to design or create "your personal language learning environment".

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