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Interested in yoga in Amman?

Whether you are new to yoga or having practicing for a while, I am sure we have in common the passion to explore one's self, because that is what yoga was created for. Yoga is a tool to clean, strengthen and invigorate our hearts, bodies, and minds. It is a system, philosophy, psychology, body practice, and a quest. And everyone is invited.

Yoga does not require us to pretend to be something we are not, nor that you master something before you have begun. Fluency will come with time and practice. Yoga assumes you have not found your destination. Because yoga is a vehicle and a journey: take a ride, maybe together we can learn how to drive.

If you have found in yourself the dedication to show up, you have already made a huge leap. We can work together through the rest and explore what yoga means; to get to know the different practices and approaches.

Enjoy your journey towards peace, health and happiness!

Feel free to get in touch if interested in Hatha or Hatha Vinyasa flow.


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