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King Hussein Cancer Center / Young patients (Amman)

Dear Expats,

The world is not a perfect place, and many kids need help. Governments and professionals try to meet everyone's needs, but it's impossible for them to do it all.

This is why we become volunteers: because we can make a difference where kids needs help. If people never help each other and only care about themselves, the world becomes a crueler, sadder place. But when we volunteer our time and talents, we help to make our planet a better, happier home where people work together to make life easier for all.

We are looking for volunteers and volunteer groups who can:

-Help young patients to learn a new language

-Give young patients a chance to continue their education while undergoing treatment at KHCC.

-And Musicians who can play or teach. The world is greatly changed by music. People don’t notice, but music changes people’s moods, feelings, and even their actions. It makes things better when things aren’t going right in the world


Volunteer gives as much good stuff to you as it does to the people, places, or animals. People who become volunteers usually lead richer, happier, and more satisfying lives than those who don't volunteer.

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