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Local and Ex-Pat at the Internations (Amman)


Lately Come to the Amman Community some new Words Attached to the Events describe or Classify Amman Community Internations Members to Local men or locals or Ex-Pat to can join the Get-together Event.
some time to join the event, and some how to attend, Locals with dual citizenship should have ID or passport of your second citizenship.
Do you think guys it is internations or ambassador or higher amount of member policy. May be the close computations with other communities Like Dubai, Bahrain, Doha, Maybe Egypt......Have same Policy.
I believe Most Ex-Pat come to Jordan for work and learn about region or present Countries, Wide world Companies or organizations...
SO is it some how kind of restricted new policy in Amman community or all internations Site.
individual cases for some comment may have change the policy.

SO What YOU Think it is right policy .......

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