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LOL Laugh -1 By Mr Omar (Amman)


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Golden Words of H!tler....'If u can fly, Run....If u can Run, Walk....If u can Walk, Crawl...But keep Moving...!!

Are u married? Sardar-
With a women! Police(angrily)-
Did u heard any one
...married a man? Sardr-
My Sister.

Between directors:
- You look sad! What happened?
- My wife did it to me. She hired a new secretary for me.
- Blonde or brunette?
- Bald!

F.B.I. are hiring new people
The F.B.I. are hiring new people. Jim goes to the first and they say to him:
- Take this gun, go in that room and kill your wife.
- No way! And he leaves.
Next is Bill. He takes the gun goes in the room and gets out and says:
- My wife is more important that this job, and leaves.
The last one is Tim. He takes the gun, goes inside and after 2 minutes some shoot guns, some slamming and screams come from the room. After a while the man gets out the room with blood all over and says:
- Who is that stupid mother fucker that gave me a gun with fake bullets? I had to kill her with the chair...

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