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Martial Arts (Amman)

Who is interested in Kung Fu, Chi Gung, Tai Chi?
Arnis Jordan under Dr.Abed Jarar (SiFu,Guru Abdelnaser A. Jarar ) is the representative of the Arnis sport and martial arts in Jordan,The Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean basin. Si Fu Abed is a holder of a black belt 8 dan in Arnis.

You can now learn: Chi Kung, Kung Fu, Arnis and Tai Chi in Amman

Chi Kung is the oldest system known to man kind. It is the origin of every martial art that exists in our days. From comes the tai chi and kung fu and a lot other martial arts.

Chi Kung focuses on the person's inner energy, which is called "chi" and enhance it, and with proper breathing, it will cure the hardest diseases, and earn great fitness. It was called before in the old books "the fountain of youth". So it will keep you healthy and strong from the inside and the outside.But the difference between tai chi and chi Kung; is that chi Kung allows the person to control and enhance the chi inside him, and with tai chi, he can move it in anyway he/she wants.

If you are interested, please let me know and I will check for details and if we are a few people I try to get a better rate for a class.

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