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Motocross and Enduro Riding in the AME (Amman)

If there are any people interested in these two sports, I would like to hear from you. I own a street legal KTM MXC400 I had to leave in storage as the MFA do not allow bikes in their country, even if they are used strictly off road as I was hoping to do. As far as I have heard, there is dirt bike rentals near Aqua Ba and in Dubai. Dubai is likely best because there bikes are new, top of the line and the rental includes getting fully suited. The Dubai riders are quite serious, not that I want to break my neck or anything. I love riding and would love to learn more about this sport in the AME. I love attending MX1-3 races even as a spectator but I believe this is bigger in Belgium and other European cities. Looking forward to indulging in this sport on and off the track as much as possible.

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